The Garden

I’ve been a gardener all my life.  I learned most of what I know from my mom. She always had a little plot, wherever we lived, even in the heart of the city.  Tomatoes and squash in the summer, radishes and lettuce in the winter. 

I will never forget the thrill I got when I pulled my first carrot from the ground.  The knowledge that the teeny tiny seed I had planted weeks before somehow miraculously transformed into the stumpy, twisted orange-ish carrot that I now held in my hand lit me up.  Never mind that it tasted like waxy dirt, I was hooked! 

These days, I plan lots of meals and recipes around my garden’s bounty.  (I’m currently trying to perfect my recipe for zucchini brownies – stay tuned…)  I still can’t grow carrots to save my life, but tomatoes, beets, lettuce, squash, peas, beans, onions, strawberries – you name it, I can grow it.  And it all tastes a heck of a lot better than that first carrot! 

Thanks Mom!