I love this winery!

Not only are their wines superb, but they also happen to be my neighbor!

Melville’s gorgeous Mediterranean-style estate winery is where they exclusively produce wines with grapes harvested from their own vineyards. Located within the renowned Sta. Rita Hills appellation, Melville Winery and Vineyards is well known for their Viognier and Pinot Noirs, which are consistently award-wining and amazing. When my vines and I grow up we want to make wine just like Melville does!

Learn more about Melville Wines & Vineyard on their Website

The best part is that because they are just next door, I can just hop on my gator and go pick me up a case of wine any ol’ time! (I’m sure more then a few traffic laws are violated in this endeavor, but at least I’m not drinking and gatoring!)

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know what a gator is (I didn’t until just a few years ago), it is an indispensable ranch vehicle that allows you to haul stuff to and fro – like cases of wine!

John Deere Gator

My trusty ol’ Gator!