So about a million years ago, or at least in my previous life (the life in which I traveled wasn’t a slave to the schedule of hungry goats, sheep and chickens. But I digress….), I stumbled upon this place called Babycakes.

One day as I was wandering the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side (talk about a big city), I found this darling little bakery.  When I stepped inside, the kind, patient woman behind the counter gave me my very first lesson in what gluten is (a protein found primarily in wheat but in other grains as well) and why some people need to eat gluten-free foods.  At that time, both my mother and niece were gluten-free eaters but I had little understanding of why.  

Well, I sampled the goods and bought up everything that I could haul on the airplane.  It was that good.  My relatives appreciated the goods, and little did I know that in a few years, as my gut aged, I would return to Babycakes for my own selfish reasons.  

Babycakes now have bakeries not only in NYC, but in L.A. and Orlando.  They deliver all over or you can check out their cookbook(s) and try it yourself. Gorgeous photos and easy to follow recipes. 

Happy baking!